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Daytona Beach Blues Society

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Dear Members,

         From now until the end of the April our Society is on a Membership Drive. The month of April is one of the most important months of the year to attract new members. Your newly organized Blues Society is working very hard to make our Society a great one to belong to and to be active in it as well. Your participation is important because whatever time or talent you have can help us in countless ways. I need all of you receiving my email to do one thing: recruit some new members. If all of you could get is just one person to join our membership would grow from 140 to 280 by the end of the month. If you can’t find someone, please by a membership for someone like your wife, husband, or friend. This will be the only month of the year I’m asking you to find some new members.

         There are many sound reasons for increasing our membership. One of the most important is to attract bigger sponsors with bigger pockets willing to pay for concerts we would like to produce. Larger businesses look at the numbers of people their product or service could reach. A larger group of members makes our Society look much more appealing to these types of businesses.  Also, with more members, we get a much bigger group of friends and likes on our Facebook page. This, too, is a very important tool we can use to draw in some bigger sponsors. Finally, the most important reason for more members is to help preserve the Blues as a really valuable music form in our Greater Daytona Beach area.

The Membership Contest - We are holding a contest for all of our members. The two members who can sign up the most new members will win a special prize chosen just for them. The two prizes will be a $25 gift certificate to any restaurant, store, or business of the winner’s choice. So good luck and we are counting on all of you for your help.

Thank you,
George Nelson - President

All new members you recruit should send a check with your name on the memo line. Checks payable to: Daytona Beach Blues Society.
Mail to:                                                 Daytona Beach Blues Society                                                                                                      c/o George Nelson 1464 Kilrush Drive, Ormond Beach, FL  32174​

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